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The estate is located in Castilla la Mancha, in the province of Ciudad Real between the towns of Ossa de Montiel and Villahermosa in the heart of Campo de Montiel, renowned hunting ground and one of the best areas in the world for small game. The majority of its 2,000 hectares are set aside as a game preserve and an effective ecological sustainability system is in place. This is probably the best hunting preserve in the entire area.
The flora is typical of the meseta and the Mediterranean; there is an abundance of savine and communities of holm oak act as canopy, and aromatic plants such as rosemary and lavender are typical undergrowth, although there are more than 700 species catalogued. In terms of fauna we can mention the wood pigeon, the red partridge, rabbits and hares etc. The nearby Lagunas de Ruidera provide us with duck and other aquatic birds due to it being a stop-over and resting point for many migratory species.
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The steepness of its orography with differences of level of 40% and its ravines and valleys provide added value for hunting red partridge in its native species.
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