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We offer hunting services for groups with or without accommodation and food
(see accommodation section) for the following types of hunt:
EIts special orography with greatly uneven land and ravines makes this an ideal location for driven partridge shoots. The flying height of the birds provides the satisfaction of a difficult shoot. The species in question is the wild and indigenous Red Partridge.

Characteristics. General close season. Maximum of 12 people, two or three beaters per gun and two assistants per person.

Hunting by bird call is a thousand-year-old art passed from fathers to sons. When it was proven that the calls of caged partridges attracted their wild counterparts, this enthralling hunting method was born. Great sensations pervade on a partridge hunt by birdcall.

Characteristics. Birdcall. This hunting speciality is offered by game preserve plots of 300 or 400 hectares over a period of 42 days.

“Al palo mata” rabbit hunting. Ideal for sharing a day of hunting with friends and enjoying the unique landscape of the preserve. The land underfoot is scanned “on foot” with or without the help of dogs.

Characteristics. General close season. Minimum four guns.

Oryctolagus cuniculus

LThe pigeon is one of the most exciting birds to hunt. It has a great ability to change direction in a matter of milliseconds demanding an accurate shot with a steady and quick hand as well as a correct estimation of the speed and direction of flight. This brings a great deal of dynamism and excitement to the shoot.

Characteristics. Half close season, from 15th August to 15th September.
Possibility of walking hunt and still-hunting.

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